Thursday, February 26, 2009

We like to snuggle

Today we were happy to snuggle on the couch with our family. Snuggling is one of our favorite things to do. As soon as our family gets home we look forward to spending time with them. We love to get our belly rub and kisses. Kisses are the best. Our mommy loves to give us lots of love and spoil us all day long. She loves to play with us and watch tv with us. Last night we watched 101 Dalmations, it as such a great movie. xoxo

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playing Dressup

Today we both decided to play dressup with mommy. We love dressing up! Whether if it's wearing beautiful diamonds or wearing boas. We love to be princesses and be super girly! We enjoy being glamorous all day long as well as being pampered by our mommy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our playdate with Coco the Princess

Omg! We had so much fun for our 1st playdate. Coco was so sweet and very pretty. She wore a pink cute hoodie. She also brought a sweet gift, a sweater that fit me (Princess) She was very polite and very social. We can't wait to play again! Hopefully this time it wont be so cold outside. Even though our playdate was inside we spent most of our time getting to know each other on the couch playing with our Juicy purse, sniffany and company ring box and Chewnel #5 perfume bottle chew toy. Next time we should play dress up and take pictures! Thanks so much for the wonderful day Coco!

A juicy introduction...

Hello! My name is Gizelle and I have two glamorous puppies named Princess and Jazmine. Princess is a black teacup chihuahua that loves to cuddle and sun bathe. She also loves to shopping and loves anything pink. Princess can be fiesty at times and has a big attitude. Jazmine is a carmel pomeranian that loves to be held and is very affectionate. She loves to play with her stuffed animals in the yard and enjoys cuddling with her sister Princess. They both are very girly and love making new friends. muwah xoxoxo!