Monday, March 9, 2009

Our weekend

Oh my goodness! We had the best weekend ever. The sun was shining, we got to play outside, get our nails painted, got a new bed, took a walk around the block and we got to play with Coco the Princess as well as go shopping with her in downtown los altos. We absolutely love to play outside and roll in the grass. We don't like taking walks, we got a little pooped out after we walk once around the block. But Mommy then fed us, went shopping and bought us a new bed. Then the next day we got to play with Coco. Oh my, we had so much fun with our best friend. We look forward to playing with Coco every Sunday. We played at home and then spent time shopping in down town los altos. We got so much attention, it was as if we were all famous. We even met a couple of pups along the way. Coco's mommy and our mommy were having so much fun, maybe even more than we did. LOL! We can't wait for the Happy GO Lucky VIP party that we were invited to. There will be Puppy Pizza as well as Puppy Beer. I hope we win the contest. Mommy is going to go shopping so she can make our costumes. Coco and us have to totally match. Maybe we can get Coco's mommy to make us matching Necklaces as Mommy makes us our costumes. I (Princess) want a dress but since Jazmine is more of a tom boy she wants a shirt. But we'll see!

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  1. My mommy said that she would LOVE to make us all matching necklaces!

    Were going to have a BLAST! Watch out HOLLYWOOD Here come "The Girls"!

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses

    Coco - The Princess