Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our new water bowl

On the weekend our mommy decided to buy us one those fancy smansy water bowls that works like a fountain. It keeps the water fresh and cool by the way it circulates and filters. At first we couldn't figure out how to use it, mommy showed us but it was a little frightening at first. But mommy removed our old water bowl which ment we would have to learn how to use this one. We absolutely love it! It works great. Mommy is also making our dresses including Coco's for this weekend since we have to arrive glamorous to the Happy go luck VIP party! She still has to add some glitz and glam but this is what she has so far. OMG were going to have sooo much fun! We can't wait! Coco we love you!!


  1. Love You Girls More! And my mommy simply adores your mommy! we simply just cant get enough of you all!

    yesterday when your mommy came over, she didnt have you girls in her arms, so i had to do a thurough inspection of your mommy's purse while she was talking to my mommy...but you wernt in there either! so sniff your mommy's purse...i bet you will smell me cause i stuck my whole head in it!

    I Cant Wait Till this Weekend!

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

    Coco - The Prncess

    P.S. my mommy is still working on your neclace Juicy Princess even though her fingers are badly hurt :)

  2. Hi Princess and Jazmine!
    I’m Tibby! Your new water bowl looks pawsitively fancy! And a fancy dress too! You two are so cute!
    :) Tibby

  3. Oh that is such a glamorous dress!!! I hope you had fun at the parade. My mom didn't take me to ours cause she was afraid I'd bite someone. Phf! I wouldn't do that (hehehehe).


  4. Hi Princess and Jazmine,
    Wow, fancy water bowl and fancy dress' too. How fun! Hope you both enjoy. Have lots of party fun with Coco too.

    Love Tessa

  5. That is a pretty cool water bowl! Your dress is very nice too. You look like a leprechaun princess!


  6. i have a little something for u on ma bloggie!!


  7. That fountain looks fabulous! My folks would never get me one of those because I'd constantly be trying to climb into the water.

  8. Hi Princess and Jazmine,

    We hope that you are both ok and your Mommy too.

    We miss your blog alot!

    Hope to see you soon, Tessa